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Sunday, August 12, 2007

History don't care at all

The weekend has been slow and I haven't worked as hard as I should have. Questions 1 and 2 of assignment 5 are done - question 2 took me most of today. There's a lot of work buried in those few lines, including proving that the unitary matrices form a C submanifold of M(n, n; ℂ). I just love mathematical mumbo-jumbo.

Speaking of mumbo-jumbo, this week's question 8 comes with a caveat: "This looks rather frightening, but in fact persistence and courage yield a rather straightforward solution". What, like more persistence and courage than usual, Chris?

I can't consider question 2 complete until I've looked up the conditions under which the derivative exists. Just because I've found a derivative, doesn't mean that it exists [trippy]. I'll check that before I sleep tonight. The horrible nasty QUAN assignment is due Friday, so this will probably have to be a week of sleep deprivation.

So far this trimester [five weeks to date] I've let pass at least two summer job opportunities, one novel that I wanted to read, multiple social occasions, most of my QUAN reading, and plenty of sleep and exercise - all in the name of mathematics. Why should I invest a few hours in my future happiness when I could spend that time doing a math assignment?


gliderguider said...

Why indeed? Hammer to Fall.

Gael said...

Because math is fun!

Star to Bruce.

Gael said...

Mmph. Occurs to me that I answered the wrong question there. That's rather embarrassing ;)

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