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Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh, yes

I meant to say that I used ideas from the comments of Wednesday's post to prove that det(A) is C by an argument that wouldn't have occured to me if that discussion hadn't taken place.

So this blog is useful for something after all!


gliderguider said...

Oh good :-) Much like a seven percent solution, then?

Gael said...

Er, sorry?

gliderguider said...

Perhaps the allusion was not entirely logical, but it was a reference to Sherlock Holmes' drug habit
(injecting himself with a 7% solution of cocaine), which he claimed was helpful in providing him with insight into cases.

Gael said...

Oh, I see now. I hadn't heard that story - 7% is quite a lot isn't it?

gliderguider said...

I really wouldn't know!! I guess the volume would be important too.

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