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Monday, August 20, 2007

Only got myself to blame

Great procrastination and furious desk-tidying. I "had a break" over the weekend, with the result that by Sunday night I was filled with anxiety and self-doubt. This morning I tidied away the inevitable piles of paper that accumulate over six weeks of having better things to do than filing. My first lecture clearfile is full [Friday's lecture 18 exactly filled it to the last pocket - after I'd rearranged the pages a little - which was very satisfying]. I've now decorated each clearfile with stickers to help tell them apart. Clearfile 1 has quotes from famous authors, Clearfile 2 has birds and Clearfile 3 - in case I get that far - has butterflies.

After that I went through the solutions to assignment 4, learning a few important things in the process, before embarking on the test. The first question was scary so I went to get a snack, and three hours later I was just drying the last of the dishes after a sudden attack of scone-making.

This is always the problem with studying at home.


gliderguider said...

It's a hard life, for sure. Amazing how many dishes and clothes get washed and bathrooms get cleaned when I'm working at home.

Well, it's better than prowling Courtenay Place I guess.

Gael said...

Star for the hardworking Bruce :)

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