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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hun-dun-dun da da dun-da

Wrote up from 9.30 pm until 2.30 am. Corrected errors along the way in almost every Lagrange question. Finished up to the end of question 7, inventing a new notation for matrix derivatives in the process [I probably say this every week, but: I do wonder how Chris intended for us to do that question]. This morning I sat down to write up question 8 with its two measley solutions. After two hours of correcting errors, question 8 no longer had any solutions at all.

I don't care about the bleeding solutions. I'm not playing any more. I'm handing in at the end of the lecture and to hell with courage and persistence.

Question 9 was as easy as expected, though.


lorne said...

Under Pressure! (I hope).

I was listening to some David Bowie last night and noted a couple of references in that "Bowie Song". I assume it's amusing if you know your Bowie.

Gael said...

Yes! Well done, I wasn't sure if anyone would notice that.

gliderguider said...

You guys watching the Conchords TV series then? I have the first nine (which is what has been broadcast so far) if anyone wants them.

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