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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Till I ache my bones

Time is closing in on me, but I think I'll make it. I've got about four and a half hours remaining in which to finish the data crunching for QUAN, and all night to write up MATH. After much struggle, I finished question 8 this afternoon. "Courage and persistence" was right - it took eight pages of working, and after all that, the little bathtub had only two solutions.

Question 9 remains. All that's required for that is to transform a system of ordinary differential equations of order 3 into a system of order 1. If it's as easy as Chris made it look in the tutorial today, it won't take too much of my writing-up time.

Just before the end of the tutorial there was a small earthquake. According to GeoNet it was of magnitude 4.4, which isn't bad. People never believe me when I say this kind of thing, so here is the proof:

Other things that happened today included getting 15.5 out of 20 for assignment 4, attending a lecture which was purely examples of how ODEs can describe things in the real world, and saying hello to that guy who's been in all my ECON and MATH classes since 2004. His name is Alex. I'm glad I finally spoke to him.

I'm not tired. I don't get tired. Until 5.30 pm tomorrow, tiredness is simply not a part of my life.


lorne said...

Somebody To Love!

gliderguider said...

Wow I didn't notice the quake. Can't even remember what I was doing just then -- might have been across in Courtenay Central having lunch.

No. I sent a txt to my sister while I was at lunch, and my phone says that was 15:39, almost an hour after the quake. Hmmm.

And, if you're reading this after midnight ... you are not feeling tired! You are full of energy! Sleep is for the weak!

Gael said...

Hmm. What quantity of sleep would cause 8 am to be considered "after midnight", I wonder?

Star for lorne :)

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