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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An exit lights the sky

No math tutorial today. It was confusing, and it also left me with no reason to go up to Kelburn. I truly loathe the Pipitea campus. I loathe its interior architecture, its shiny new soulless feel, its lack of clearly defined study spaces, its noise, its filth, its shortage of sofas at lunchtimes, its little low chairs and computer desks with insufficient legroom, and its commerce students [especially the way they fail to respect others' study, or others' study room bookings]. I don't like being a commerce student when it requires me to study in such conditions. It makes me want to scream.

Assignment 7 is about half done. At last I begin to understand the phase portrait thing! I can even sketch them by hand now, most of the time [but still haven't figured out how to plot them in Maple]. With understanding comes a gradual respect for differential equations, which is a relief. As I keep telling myself, I love mathematics - but it's better when I don't need to keep telling myself so.

This afternoon I got so engrossed in math that I nearly forgot to go to a lecture. It was a great feeling. Just for those few minutes of the day, it didn't matter that I was at Pipitea.


lorne said...

The question then is: when you got to your lecture did you do MATH or pay attention? I have my bets :)

Highway Song!

Gael said...

Erm, I juggled the two. In a fully switched-on and productive fashion.

Amusingly, I disagree very strongly with a lot of lyrics websites on this song :) Have a star for the one line which they seem to get right.

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