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Monday, September 17, 2007

Just a passing phase

Peter took over as lecturer today. He seemed rather nervous. Since October last year I've been taught maths by no one but Chris, so the usual slight shock to the system that results from a change of lecturer was somewhat intensified. Also, Peter uses slides for his lecturing, which means a whole new approach to lectures is required - namely less pen, more highlighter and more coffee.

To be fair, today he was careful to put in a few examples and work through them on the board, so we didn't end up falling asleep this time. And it is useful that he's decided to hand out the slides at the start of lectures rather than the end - it lets him go faster without us having to panic over our notetaking. Whether there is a genuine cost in terms of understanding has yet to be tested in waking conditions [I've never been good at passive listening].

Other changes for the remaining four weeks include a reduction of tutorials to one per week, and one extra day to work on the assignments - Peter says he'll be handing them out on Thursdays rather than Fridays.

I got 16.5/20 for assignment 6 [actually 33/40 as there was a mysterious change of scale for this assignment]. Chris, incomprehensibly, commented on one of my answers that fieldplot was not the best way to answer that question. Never mind that the question itself said "use fieldplot in Maple..."


Donald said...

One of your turns, eh?

gliderguider said...

hey cool .. the lyrics sites have the background dialog in them too :-)

Soo ... what program is he watching Don? ::bounce::

Gael said...

Heh, more like one of my bad days. You, however, get a star.

I'm always struck by the complete difference in the female characters during this song on the album and in the film. The one is saucy, the other young and scared - it's interesting to speculate on why this was done.

gliderguider said...

Hmm ... I don't think I've picked up on scared, at least not prior to him starting to smash things. Might have to have a look. Nervous and confused at how to engage the passive rock star, sure.

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