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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Find the will to carry on

I said goddamn, goddamn. I am so sick of idleness. However much I try, I can't get used to holidays - at least not enough to make good use of them. The only thing I've really done in the last week is typesetting part (a) of test question 1 in LaTeX. This is an achievement of sorts, but it's hardly getting me where I so badly want to go.

Lectures start again tomorrow. I intend to be on campus at an hour long before the time I've been waking up in the last week. And once I'm there, I intend to work. At this point I really don't care what I'm working on, I just badly need to get moving again.


gliderguider said...

mmm .. that limbo between actually working and actually relaxing. Should do one or the other but ... it's just neither. Not progressing towards milestones, but not recharging batteries either. I know how you feel. And yet the show must go on.

Gael said...

So true. You get the first star of the month :)

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