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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Gold star summary for August

lorne wins this month, scoring 15 stars to gliderguider's 6.

As this is getting rather repetitive - and also in hopes of encouraging the three or four of my readers who don't comment to do so - I'd like to extend the gold star challenge to include a few more artists. The poll in the sidebar will be open until September 11. Please let me know your thoughts on this [especially those of you who don't comment - I know who you are ;)].


gliderguider said...

I'm not entirely convinced that merely naming a song actually constitutes commenting in any meaningful sense.

It may even deplete scarce mental resources and crowd out comments that may otherwise occur.

Gael said...

I do appreciate when people [ie you, Bruce] include some actual commentary in their comments. But I have no illusions about my readership - no one else would comment at all if not for the element of competition. I'm just hoping to get a few others to take part in the competition aspect.

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