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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gold star poll result

The poll is concluded and here are the results, complete with screwy Blogger-calculated percentages:

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin should be it, then - but note that I never said I would abide by the poll results. Led Zep are actually a really terrible source of post titles because most of their lyrics have a single clear meaning, so they can't be twisted to a given purpose the way Queen lyrics can. Pink Floyd are a little better, but some imagination may still have to be used.

I hereby declare, then, that the Gold Star challenge is extended to include lyrics from Pink Floyd and System of a Down, starting today. Each post which uses lyrics will be labelled with the name of the artist; the challenge is still to name the song. [This gives a bit of an edge to non-RSS users, because I understand that labels aren't part of the feed.]

The attraction of SoaD is that they're so darn surreal that I could use any of their lyrics, anytime, to mean almost anything. The catch is that they're a bit edgy, so they tend to be tricky to Google for. Me getting the words wrong occasionally will just add to the excitement ;)

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gliderguider said...

Does this mean it's time for me to investigate these "System of a Down" people vis a vis their musical recordings?

Looking forward to the use of such classics as "Wanna take a bath?" and "Haha, charade you are"...

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