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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Look around and choose your own ground

TeX TeX TeX! Making good progress and learning a lot. So far I've typeset the first 12 marks of the test [40%]. I'm getting faster at the coding as I go along, and learning to avoid ugly hacks with horizontal spacing and so forth. Tomorrow I want to play with setting page margins, but not until I've done at least 60% of the actual content.

In the last couple of days I've also done the first half of question 4, meaning there are only four marks of the test left to think about.

Sometimes I wonder what my subconscious gets up to while I'm deeply involved in maths. One would presume that it's working along with me, but on occasion when I pause after a long period of intense work, it feels as if a room full of half-heard conversations has suddenly fallen silent. I hypothesise that I get into such a deep state of concentration that my brain begins to mimic REM sleep, and that some part of me in there is actually dreaming.


Donald said...

Pink Floyd!

Run, rabbit, run...

It's on Dark Side Of The Moon. Breathe?

gliderguider said...


gliderguider said...

Nah Don's right .. it's the bit *before* the clocks grrr.

Gael said...

Yep, he is :) There's a new person to give stars to!

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