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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Never seem to find the time

Today [Saturday] I sent my first email to Peter. He hasn't replied yet. From this I draw the startling conclusion that Peter is not Chris. The email was prompted by a small confusion over question 2 of assignment 8; once that's cleared up, I will have only the thinky parts [questions 3 to 5] still to do. There's a nasty QUAN assignment due this week, too.

Going over the solutions to assignment 7 I made a rather remarkable discovery about eigenspaces, and although it looks obvious in retrospect, it's made me feel happy.

My work patterns seem to be a little strange this trimester. I'm working harder than ever before [evidence: unfamiliarly regular study-induced headaches] but I also have long, disconcerting bouts of free time, like this evening. Empty blocks in my day could be taken as a good sign; they indicate that I'm not having to use all of my resources on only two papers. This surplus suggests I may actually be capable of handling Plan B. Even what I call Plan A would require me to work harder than I'm currently doing, so all things considered, free time now is good in the long run... wherever that may end me up.


lorne said...

You were up at quite a late time.

Gael said...

Heh. True. Have a star!

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