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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thirteen channels of shit

Shortest assignment ever. This afternoon I effectively finished assignment 8, despite my best attempts to sabotage the day's productivity by staying up till all hours gawking at the television we've hired for the Rugby World Cup. If the assignment was properly finished now, three days after I received it, this would break a record which has stood since my first year of math.

The two things keeping it from being properly finished are the lack of a definition of "normal form" in the context of partial differential equations, and that email which Peter still hasn't replied to. I anticipate that both of these will be taken care of tomorrow. After that I really won't have any more reason to procrastinate the QUAN assignment.


gliderguider said...

You've *hired* a TV for the world cup? Wow. So if someone tries to talk to you before midday and there's nobody home they'll know why?

Gael said...

Ye gods, you're making my part in this game harder than yours! ;)

Yes, it is Nobody Home. And yes, they'll know why - it's because I'm at university like usual, although possibly in a more tired state than usual.

Despite my best attempts to be a die-hard fan, I slept through today's 3am against Scotland :(

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