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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Now the dishes can be cleared

Assignment 7 is defeating me, and I've hardly started yet. There's a lot of graphical stuff. For one reason and another, mostly related to my record slowness in getting through my undergrad career, I'm quite badly out of practice at thinking graphically about maths. To exacerbate the situation I also can't work out how to get Maple to show me pictures of how I should be thinking.

Additional to this, I've conceived of the idea that differential equations are inherently uninteresting and exist only because they describe things about the world around us [rather than leading to any interesting mathematics]. The wannabe mathematician in me needs no further reason to completely ignore a thing. As a result it's rather difficult to stay motivated just now.

To make things better, here are some pretty pictures.

The diagram related to the discussion on yesterday's post:

Why LaTeX is wonderful [mostly for my reference, so I can show people this post if they continue to ask me what LaTeX is]:

You start with this...

Then do this...

... and this comes out!

Doesn't matter whether it's right because it just looks so darn beautiful ;)


lorne said...

Pictures! Pretty ones too ;)

Gael said...

Of course :) You get a pretty star.

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