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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Got a strong urge to fly

This morning I attended a tutorial, with Bex and about six others. Much chalk was ground to dust by the Fouriers workings of our brains. I see new approaches to a couple of the assignment questions now, although I'm no happier about Fourier series than I was yesterday. Later I started making a few Maple plots for question 1, but I got rather hijacked by confusion about the sum-to-product trig formulae [either I've done something wrong, or Maple 11 has lost the ability which Maple 9 had to simplify a sum to a product automatically].

Excitement for the day: Bought a new backpack. Emailed Chris about Plan B.


gliderguider said...

I some times get a strong urge to fly too. That's when you'll find nobody home because I've headed up the coast to Paraparaumu to take to the sky on wings of white plastic.

Gael said...

Mmmm, shiny white plastic. Shiny. White. Shiiiiinnny.

You can has star :)

gliderguider said...

Speaking of shiny, just got back from a cousin's place in Upper Hutt. Her new MacBook arrived today, replacing an AMD K6-2 running Windows 98. Managed to get everything transferred over from the old junker OK, including persuading Outlook to give up its contacts list and mail (via installing Thunderbird, whcih knows how to import it, and then copying to the Mac).

Mmmm .. shiny. I think she's going to enjoy it. She is already :-)

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