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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Nothing is very much fun anymore

Still alive, kinda. One week of lectures to go. Got 27/30 for assignment 8 and 25/30 for the test. I'm really annoyed with that test mark - it reflects a certain overconfidence about some questions, which is something I thought I'd grown out of.

Assignment 9 made it into the box okay yesterday, although not without causing some stress for the people who were around me while I was finishing it. [I'm not a friendly person when under pressure. I wish I was. I'm working on it.]

On Thursday I told Chris my dreams and he told me some facts about the real world which I would have been happier not knowing. Suddenly I'm not going anywhere and my favourite activities are a waste of time.

"The child is grown" was a close second for the title of this post.


lorne said...

The less the Real World has to do with most things, they more fun they are.

One of my turns.

Donald said...

The Real World doesn't seem to be too bad. It's not university, but then what is? Often you get to do fun things, and they give you money!

Of course it helps that I specialised in a relatively new field where men can still be real men and small furry creatures from Alpha Centuri can still be real small furry creatures from Alpha Centuri.

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