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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mushrooms, olives, chives

Picked up assignment 10 on Tuesday. I got 15/40, which is exactly the passing mark for that assignment; of the questions I had time to attempt, my score was a respectable 15/17. This means I've passed all the assignments and have a full 10 assignment marks, so I have to work 17% less hard to pass the course than I would have otherwise.

To be specific, my internal mark is 35% of a possible 40%, meaning I need to score 67% in the exam to get any sort of A, or 25% to pass. It's good to be able to go into an exam knowing that sort of thing.

Here is a [greatly shrunken] graph of my assignment marks. The pink line is the average. Just ignore the last data point :-P

As for study, I'm trying, but my Euclid reading is very interesting indeed.


lorne said...

Angry Peppers! That's nice position to be in for the exam :)

Chic N' Stu!

Gael said...

Heh, I knew you'd mention the angry peppers! Have a star :)

gliderguider said...

The math papers at Waikato when I was there had an interesting system. Your final mark was either 1/3 coursework and 2/3 exam, or 2/3 coursework and 1/3 exam, whichever was more favourable. So if you got 75% in the coursework you'd already got 50% for the course even if you zeroed the exam, but if you aced the exam you could still drag the total up to over 90%.

I think you did have to get over some (well under 50%) mark in both components as well though.

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