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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ain't no stopping and there's nothing you can do about it

The worst part about studying is when you've just started enjoying it and you really want to do it, but for some reason you don't, like there's something else you have to do first - nothing very major, just a little thing like making a phone call or doing some laundry - and then suddenly it's midday and you haven't studied yet, and a sort of pseudo-depression sets in and you spend the afternoon reading some junk novel or other and then another day is over and wasted and you sit down and wonder what the point of it all might be.

I'm having a ball when I do get around to doing some maths, but in between I worry a lot about time. Two days to go now.


gliderguider said...

This is no different to any other form of work --hopefully you eventually just dive headlong into it and get it done in time...

Gael said...

It is different to other forms of work in that there's no specific goal and no good way to measure progress. But you can have a star anyway.

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