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Friday, November 2, 2007

If a crack in the ice appears

22 hours to go. We get a choice of questions in this exam - two of three questions from each of three sections. I have a few things to try and avoid in each section. In ascending order of horribleness:

  • Section A
    • Lagrange multipliers (come on, I've only got three hours)
  • Section B
    • Lyapunov functions (as above)
  • Section C
    • Fourier series (you want me to memorise what and integrate how?)
    • Dirichlet boundary conditions (come on, I've still only got three hours)

I also have a few things that I need to look up in the next 22 hours. How to do the Jordon Canonical Form thing for LHCC systems. How to integrate by parts. How to expand a Fourier series - because I should know it and it really isn't that hard.

Am I ready? When exams are concerned, I'm never ready.


lorne said...

Good luck on The Thin Ice.

Gael said...

Thank you.

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