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Saturday, November 3, 2007

This is our last dance

Arrived at ground zero 90 minutes early. Hid. Hiding place was not that effective - a random classmate came up and asked me a question a minute ago. It's much easier to hide ahead of weekday exams, when the campus is open and you don't need to swipe through hundreds of doors to get anywhere. [My usual technique is to wait outside an exam room at the opposite end of campus to my own; today I'm in a comp lab.] I don't go down to the exam room until such time as most of the class will be already seated - I don't want to talk to anyone.

I can now do Fourier series and integrate by parts, and separate variables and find non-trivial solutions, and I can do the JCF thing for 2×2 matrices. [Chris hasn't previously put 3×3 ones in the exam, and I'm relying on him to have stuck with that this year.] I've memorised all the definitions I need to know, although it might take a minute under pressure to recall that "hyperbolic" means the derivative matrix has no pure imaginary eigenvalues. I have a calculator, a scarf, three pens, and some hayfever pills. I've even remembered to have lunch.

My biggest challenge now, as with any math exam, is not freaking out.


gliderguider said...

It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming let me out!

I've been thinking of you Under Pressure. I'm sure you did great :-)

Gael said...

TY :) Have a star.

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