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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Under pressure that burns a building down

I'd finished the last of my four readings and was halfway through journaling it when Microsoft Word crashed and ate what I'd just done.

It hasn't eaten my responses to the first three readings, and I can easily reproduce what I did lose (in these situations, it usually comes out better than before), but it's aggravating. Even more aggravating is that now Word won't run at all and for some reason my OpenOffice has chosen this moment to stop working, so I'm going to have to finish this journal on something other than my Mac. It's very sad.

Also, backing up everything in panic is now taking longer than expected and I'm going to be late for tutoring.

This morning there was a tutorial and a lecture. The tutorial made me realise just how rusty I've got in 18 months of not doing sociology. The lecture made me cold.

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gliderguider said...

It just has to be said:

(even though I know you were using a Mac)

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