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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Before I set my world on fire

Being that there are three days remaining until the next journal submission, and that I've now read five articles and journaled one, I've pretty much given up on the plan to submit ten articles this time and subsequently return to four each fortnight. I could probably have told you at the start of the trimester that this would happen, but I always hold onto such delusions until the last possible moment.

I shouldn't have any trouble, if I'm a little bit dedicated and careful, submitting journal entries for six articles on Friday. That would mean that I need to do another six at each of the two remaining submissions in order to make it to 30 overall. That's a bit tighter than I'd like, but it's achievable.

The third journal came back yesterday. I got an "A-/A", which takes my average mark to A exactly. This is good - I'd hate for my grade in this course to reflect my enjoyment of it.

Yes, I have started work on the second essay already. Aren't you proud of me? Don't be - it's due in less than a month and I only started today. All three questions for this essay are empirical ones, and I'd guess that most of the class will be with me in choosing the following question:

Trace the claims‐making of a social movement or interest group in New Zealand over one decade using the collective’s own newsletters, pamphlets, publications, and press releases.

Inspired by an article in the book of readings, I'm intending to look at the Council of Trade Unions. So far I've ascertained that they have just over ten years of policy documents available on their website, and that the VUW library has nothing useful at all. I suspect the National Archives will be the best source of actual newsletters and so forth. This will be something new - I've never used the National Archives before.

Things to ask Sandra about this essay:

  1. Any suggestions about sources?
  2. Ten years is a long time and will most likely represent over 500 separate publications. What size sample should we use?
  3. Mix of media? Newsletters and press releases, or just one of those?

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