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Friday, May 30, 2008

Find that you're missing what others thought you had all the time

First draft finished @ 3335 words (111%, again). The conclusion may be a bit intense, language-wise, for the rest of the essay. I've sent it to the CTU to have a look at and now I'm going to forget about it for a few days. Re-reading it after a break will be far more useful than doing so now (it's not due for a week yet).

Today I finally picked up journals 4 and 5 from the school office. I got an A for one and "A/A+" for the other, meaning I'm back to an approximate A average. After journal 6 comes back (handed in today with only two articles) I'll put a complete marks analysis here to try and work out what my grade will really be.

The worst part of composing in OpenOffice is the typos that must be found and corrected manually. Does anyone else know how to make the dictionary work on a Mac?

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