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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The only thing that's real

Another 1100 words today, meaning I've got 300 words left (600 if I take the extra 10%, as I usually do). The political section is finished and the cultural section half done. I'm almost certainly going to omit the results section. Around the middle of the day I had some confusion about my structure, but it sorted itself out after I reordered a few paragraphs, and now I know almost exactly where I'm going and what I will find when I get there.

I discovered another short article in the book of readings, so I might even get another journal entry done tonight.

Today was the last lecture I will ever attend in a sociology course. It was pretty awesome - Sandra gave us biscuits and cheese, did a practice run for presenting her latest paper to a conference next month (original research just for us!) then let us argue for the last half hour. I'm not that happy about never doing SOSC ever again, but insofar as it had to end some way, that was a good way for it to end.

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