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Monday, July 7, 2008

Confidence in you is confidence in me

It felt both good and strange to be back at Pipitea today. It's a much smaller campus than Kelburn, and while it can hold its students in terms of seating in lecture theatres, it doesn't have enough of what I call "social space". In short, it can be difficult to find somewhere at Pipitea to eat lunch (or study, for that matter). This will begin to grate before long, but for today it was good to be lost in the crowd again.

My microeconomics lecturer for the next six weeks is named Jack. He's very pleasant to listen to (gently American, slow-speaking) and he writes very small on the whiteboard. He spent most of today's lecture introducing Bayes Rule, which I remember learning in first year but do not remember what it actually is. There are 45 people in the class, making RHLT 3 feel positively claustrophobic. I saw a few people I recognised, but they did not recognise me because my hair was different last time they saw me.

I tried to get a textbook today but they were sold out already, so I put my name on the list for the next order. There should be no great urgency over this - the first assignment isn't due for a month and I'm at least slightly familiar with the topics for the first four weeks. I expect it all to be moderately mathy, which usually works in my favour.

The assessment structure for the course consists of two assignments (15% each), a test (20%) and an exam (presumably 50%). Promisingly, the course outline was written in LaTeX.

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