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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Don't forget to breathe

Today's lecture gave us Bayes Theorem proper and then exemplified a calculation of the value of information (by demonstrating the change in expected monetary value that may arise from purchasing additional information). I like this guy's lecture style. He lectures like a mathematician ;)

My International Econ textbook only weighs 1.25 kg. I wonder if Micro will also be light enough to carry around. It makes it a lot easier to get stuff done if you can have one textbook with you at all times.

Yesterday I performed my once-yearly act of support for the Wellington 0.5mm-nib-pen market by buying up the whole supply at Paper Plus Lambton Square. Next time I go back there they will not carry my pens any more, having doubled their stock following this big purchase only to find that no one else wants to buy them, and so I'll have to go looking for a new supplier. This happens almost every year.

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