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Sunday, July 27, 2008

No hope, no love, no glory

babyMac is very ill and may die.

It is over three years old, but this is still sad. I'm going to have to switch from my nice PowerPC chip to something with Intel inside :( Keeping the wee thing alive at this point is likely to be prohibitively expensive, so I guess Tuesday night will find me restoring my backups to a new 13-inch MacBook (assuming the shop will actually be able to get me one in the time they promise).

I just wish the new MacBooks weren't that boring silver colour. (Update after browsing the Apple Store: They're not that boring silver colour? Oh my!)

In more study-related news, I couldn't get a textbook from the library. Whoever has it was supposed to return it Friday, but hadn't done so by the time I left campus. Hopefully I'll be able to grab it Monday morning - the assignment is full of words I haven't even heard in class yet, and I'm not going to just wait until Jack feels like covering the material.

Having spent most of this weekend catching up on International economics I'm now feeling very jaundiced about Micro, which seems to have no practical application nor anything enlightening to say about the real world. In fact, I'm beginning to suspect it's a CWOT.

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