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Monday, July 28, 2008

A new day but it all feels old

This morning, when I nonchalantly strolled into the campus computer shop and asked for a MacBook, the woman in the shop trumped me most excellently by nonchalantly producing one from under the counter. I paid for it and took it away immediately, and now it's all up and running under the name of neoMac. babyMac is consigned to a bottom drawer until I can afford to waste money fixing it, but thanks to the wonder of Time Machine backups, its spirit lives on inside neoMac.

Today I finally got a textbook from the library. It's mine until Thursday. Already parts of the assignment are starting to make more sense.

The lecture today made a start on Nash equilibrium, which is about all there was to game theory in first and second year courses. I remain puzzling about just what we've been doing in class up till now, and what it was good for.

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