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Saturday, August 2, 2008

That's me in the corner

My last few days have been largely occupied with catching up on International, now that my Micro textbook had to go back to the library, and working out how to typeset game trees in LaTeX. I tried Alexis Dimitriadis's qtree package, but it didn't allow me enough control - it was designed for conventional trees, which require quite a lot of modification before they can pass as game trees. Martin J. Osborne's egame package, being specifically designed for extensive form games, is a whole lot more helpful. It requires thinking very geometrically about the shape of the tree, but it does allow for all the vital game elements, and it lets me do just about anything except use different-shaped nodes for different players.

Osborne also has a package for strategic form games, but I suspect the needs of undergrad Micro in this respect can be entirely satisfied by the standard LaTeX array environment.

Despite all this time-wasting typesetting stuff, I have actually done the whole assignment except for one proof. I could do the proof now in words, but I want to do it in the proper notation, which will require getting the textbook out again. Fortunately there's still enough time (13 days) that I can afford to go on a library waiting list if need be.

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gliderguider said...

I've completely forgotten how the current "competition works" so I'll just have a short rant about REM instead ;-)

Actually I'm confused.

I vividly remember a friend playing REM incessantly in the university flat in 1983, resulting in me going right off them and giving me my conviction that they only have one song. And yet ... the songs which make up the "one song" in my mind these days — Orange Crush, The One I Love, Losing My Religion — all happened five years later. And those songs aren't *entirely* identical to Radio Free Europe.

It's a puzzle.

But I definitely prefer the *other* (and earlier) indie band out of Athens, GA. Just fabulous.

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