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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wrong place, you're on the back page

The Law of University, according to me: Courses consist of exactly three components which have the potential to enhance learning - lectures, tutorials, and textbooks/notes. Any given course in a particular year will have at most two components which actually fulfill this potential.

In courses where lectures are not one of the useful components, it's okay to skip lectures so long as you spend that time with one of the useful components instead.

ECON 314 is a tutorial-textbook course, and I still don't have my own textbook.

With the aid of the library copy, though, I've now figured out what Jack was going on about for the first three weeks. In terms of the logical order of the textbook chapters, he's been lecturing all over the bleeding place. Attempts to apply my new learnings to the assignment are not yet proving very enlightening, but it's hard to tell whether that's because I'm doing it wrong or because of the fundamental silliness of representing a sequential game in the normal form.

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