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Thursday, October 9, 2008

In the long run there's still time

Last day of class for Micro. The tutorial made more sense than usual. The lecture didn't. The students are starting to talk to each other, like a group of helpless people will when they realise their doom is both imminent and unavoidable. They're all saying the same thing: "How are you finding 314? It's got very mathematical hasn't it? I don't even understand a word he's saying any more... hey can I email you if I get stuck? Shall we meet up in study break? There must be some way we can get through this stuff..."

Me, I have glimpses of comprehension here and there, but I'm not sure if I'm even looking in the right direction when it comes to seeing the big picture of what we're working on.

This morning I went to see Jack about the test, because I couldn't figure out where I'd lost all those marks, or why. Turns out most of them went on question 1, all as a result of the same small misconception early on. Darn. At least it was something I really didn't know, not a silly mechanical error.

Having spent the past week writing as if avoiding finishing the International essay would prevent the trimester from ending, I've just finally printed the damn thing out. There's no avoiding it now: it's the end of the trimester. Next come exams, my fantastic summer job, and the end of everything I've come to love about university. Next comes nothing but a lot of hard work.

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