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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Overboard and self-assured

The second Micro assignment is marked already and grades for everything, finally, are posted on Blackboard. My posted test mark took me a little by surprise - presumbly this is after scaling:

So I have 88% on assignment 1, 72% on the test, and 96.7% on assignment 2. This gives me a weighted internal mark of 84.2%, which is achingly close to the A+ I thought I'd given up on. The marginal utility of time spent studying for Micro just shot up dramatically; tomorrow morning I'll sit down with that textbook and, by god, I will read it.

The Micro exam is on October 28. Can I bring myself up by 5% or so in 15 days? Not sure, but I can at least give myself a good chance of a pure A. Having said that, last year's exam is heinously difficult.

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