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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Already standing on the ground

Surely there are better things I could be doing with my life than waiting, on average for ten whole minutes per session, for Westpac online banking to load up. Before you tell me it's my connection, Kiwibank online banking takes less than a minute.

(In fact, Westpac takes so long that Kiwibank now times me out before Westpac is halfway in. This makes it rather tricky to bank in both places simultaneously.)

My connection, however, is becoming a real problem now that I spend half my waking hours in a place with no personal internet access, and the other half in a place with only dialup. When am I supposed to download updates, buy music, upload photos and do all the other things I usually do at university?


gliderguider said...


I don't know anything about those sites, but I just tried the National Bank site on my iPhone, after turning wifi off. So, being an original iPhone that's GPRS, which is slower than dial-up.

It took 1:25 to bring up the log on page, enter my credentials laboriously on the onscreen keyboard, and get to the page with my account balances.

Another 1:15 gave me a page with this month's credit card transactions, although at least the last 30 seconds of that was waiting for unnecessary images after the actual text was already up and usable.

National Bank also have a custom application in the iPhone App Store which is considerably quicker to use on the go, although it only allows you to check balances and transactions, and can't (yet) do bill payments or transfers that you can do on the web site.

Stu Woollett said...

Hi fibby, your comments about the speed of Westpac's online banking caught my eye. I look after online banking at Westpac and the slow response times you have described don't make sense, in fact our average end-to-end response times are less than 2.5 seconds. There has to be something impacting your connection with Westpac that I'd like to sort out and I invite you to make contact with me. My email address is - hope to hear from you.

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