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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love the way you make it sound

Finally, finally, finally the ECON 314 grade is out. I got an A+! It's amazing! I actually did it, despite having mentioned in advance that I might (I firmly believe it is bad luck to tell anyone your honest expectations about your marks. Always downgrade them first).

ECON 309 is out too. I got a B+ for that, which is about what I expected, and doesn't drag my lowest ECON grade down any further.

Here are all my undergrad ECON grades. If my MATH grades were a parabola, these are x4-2x2+1. The symmetry astounds me.

ECON 140Economics/Strategic Behaviour2/2004A+
ECON 201Microeconomics1/2005A+
ECON 205Development of the Modern International Economy2/2005B+
ECON 224Intro to Public Econ1/2006A-
ECON 202Macroeconomics2/2006A
ECON 305Macroeconomics1/2007A-
ECON 309International Economics2/2008B+
ECON 314Microeconomics: Information & Markets2/2008A+

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Hsu said...

your picture look cute
congratulation ... A+
welcome come my website

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