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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The light divided

The mark for my last ever math course came out the other day. It was an A+, meaning that my math grades over time make an almost perfect swoop down from and back up to the best grade available. For completeness, here they all are.

MATH 114Algebra & Discrete Mathematics1+2/2004A+
MATH 214Discrete Mathematics 21/2005A-
MATH 113Calculus 11+2/2005B+
MATH 206Calculus 21/2006A-
MATH 207Linear Algebra2/2006A
MATH 312Analysis1/2007B-
MATH 301Calculus 32/2007A
MATH 311Algebra1/2008A+
MATH 314Coding & Cryptography2/2008A+

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