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Friday, March 13, 2009

All this could backfire

It's Friday. *groan*

Yesterday Micro was good, but I didn't get any Macro reading done. The first Micro assignment is out, due in two weeks. We've covered just about enough in class to do the whole thing right now, and I want to start it. In fact, I'd start it this weekend, but I've got to do my Macro reading.

The first Metrics assignment will be out on Monday. It will require us to have GAUSS installed, so the lecturer made the software available to us (presumably under an academic license). Guess what? She only has the Windows version. Casual reading of the internet suggests that she should also have access to the Mac version under her license, but of course I don't really know that. She says, no, she can't give me the Mac version. I'll have to use the School computers.

I don't like the School computers. They have Windows. It might be contagious.

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