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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ash to ash to ash

Galleria: still here.

But for how long? You can't rely on anything these days! I suffer from cafe anxiety. I must visit every one of my favourite cafes, every day, to ensure they still exist. This could get expensive.

I'm in Kelburn today to visit the Vic Uni Toastmasters club (in previous years they've struggled with membership, so I thought I'd add a warm body to what's probably their first meeting of the year). Also doing my Macro reading. Really.

Metrics yesterday was teh awsum. We proved the Gauss-Markov Theorem, and it was a good and clever proof. I like when class makes me feel smart. I'm pretty sure that last week's Metrics lecture had nine people, four girls. Now it's ten people, four girls, which is huge given that last year's class had five people. I can't work out who I missed in my count last week.

Advantages of holding a scholarship, part 2: Last night I bought my first jug. For somebody else.

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