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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I was confused

Hi Dr Micro,

I'm having some trouble with question 3(b)... my solution has 16 distinct utility functions. Am I on the wrong track?



Sometime tomorrow morning, Dr Micro's office: "Sixteen utility functions? то ужасно! OF COURSE YOU'RE ON THE WRONG TRACK YOU STUPID GIRL"

But I cannot figure out which direction I should go to correct myself. Halp!

... upon which halp arrives, in the form of an instant reply from Dr Micro. Awsum :D


gliderguider said...

"Something horrible", for sure!

fibby said...

Heh. I have no idea what it really says, but if you paste it into Babelfish, you get "that is terrible".

gliderguider said...

Ah, well I happened to recognize the root word ужас ("oo zhas"), which is "horror"and which I've heard a lot in real life when someone is telling some tale of woe. Adding "но" turns it into an adjective ("oo zhas no" with the stress on the middle syllable) which is somewhere in the vicinity of awful/horrible/terrible. "то" is something like "then" or "that".

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