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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not so self-assured

This is supposed to come out at 5/12. What on earth has gone wrong? (Yes, g(x) is zero outside the range [1/8, 7/8].)


gliderguider said...

Dunno what you did, but unless I'm in a fever (which I am) that looks like (11/12)^2

bk drinkwater said...

The second term of line three, (1/72-1/48), should be evaluated as -1/144, and not 5/144.

The second integral is also subject to a slip here: the antiderivative of (-64/15)x^2 should be (-64/45)x^3, and not (-64/90)x^3.

fibby said...

Hey, thanks. It works now. The last line should have been (1/36)+(1/144)+(55/144)=5/12, as expected.

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