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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seven years has gone so fast

The trimester ended for me a week ago, and already it seems like nothing more than a bad dream. It certainly wasn't all bad at the time, but by contrast with the social freedom I'm enjoying now, the memory of study seems a bad one.

Renewal is the name of the game now. I'm working hard to live and amass experiences in this break, because I won't have another chance until November. Here's some of what I've done so far - none of these are things I have time do properly during the trimester.

  • Slept in
  • Spent a week's pay on a single pair of jeans
  • Read Waiting for Godot (Act I | Act II)
  • Photographed the fernball from a new angle
  • Made bread rolls and pizza
  • Been to a movie (I've Loved You So Long) with a friend
  • Helped out in the garden
  • Visited a different Toastmasters group
  • Solved a New Scientist Enigma
  • Read half of The Mayor of Casterbridge
  • Had a long lunch with my parents
  • Seen the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra live

They're all such small, simple things, but being able to do them puts a whole new shine on life. I feel as if I can barely contemplate giving them up for another trimester. Hopefully once my renewal is completed, I will feel more like picking up my tools and going at it again.

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