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Friday, July 24, 2009

Depending on the way the wind may blow

Hard drive update: yes, the power supply was covered under warranty. Yes, Ascent will replace the power supply. No, I don't have to send in the whole drive to achieve this. If the end result of the process is an actual working power supply (and it's looking increasingly as if it will be), I will have to start sacrificing a Flash drive to Ascent every Friday, as clearly their powers must extend beyond those of your average retailer into the realm of the gods.

Today was a lot of fail centred around my attempts to get the power supply mailed to Auckland, but it doesn't really matter, because I don't have much to do anyway. I want to start on my coursework but cannot do so until various dates next week (a different date for each course). Until then there's nothing to do but read.


Anonymous said...

For future reference, ascent will mail warranty stuff to auckland/etc if you take it in to their office on Willis St. This is easier than doing it yourself :-)

fibby said...

They didn't offer to do so, nor indicate that such a thing is possible. First point against them (apart from their slowness at replying to email, which is a fairly minor issue).

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