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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The man with the golden eyeball

This morning I asked the slightly anxious Prof Metrics if he can teach us some Bayesian estimation techniques later in the course. He protested that he knows nothing about them, then took the opportunity to ask whether his lectures are pitched at an okay level for us. I asked for more proofs (sorry, guys).

This afternoon I got bored in Macro, although I woke up briefly to be amused when Dr Macro failed to distinguish between the words "additive" and "addictive". The reason for the boredom was a bunch of equations which we manipulated in fairly simple ways to no apparent purpose.

At the end of the lecture Dr Macro told a student that the article we have to review by the 20th of August will be made available next week. Personally, I'd prefer to have more than three and a half weeks to do the review, and I suspect the rest of the class feels the same. Not happy.

Macro has gained the same German Exchange Student who joined Micro this week, with the result that Macro is now a huge class of 15, still with 8 girls.

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