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Friday, July 3, 2009

Really nothing to turn off

It must have taken a special sort of sadism to come up with these course titles, given that the last column is for the final letter grades.

Couldn't they have called them "1" and "2" or something, instead?

Exam results should be coming out over the next week. I'm trying not to wait too hard.

While I'm posting screenshots, I may as well register my strong disapproval of Kiwibank's new online banking interface. It's not dialup-friendly:

What is more, when after several attempts we finally get enough speed on to satisfy the server, we find that this is what we've been trying so hard to load:

Would it have killed them to include the self-congratulatory promotional material on the account balances page, so as to get some actual information after all the waiting? This is the sort of situation for which the phrase "FFS" was invented.

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