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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

Yesterday was a day of furious perambulation around Wellington. Highlights: nearly getting hit by three separate vehicles while crossing Salamanca Road (I had the right of way!); spending almost $20 on photocopying; losing the annoying bits of my hairstyle.

At the second lecture yesterday, Micro had the same number of students, but the makeup had changed: Russian Guy seems to have dropped and instead we now have German Exchange Student. We learned about the implicit function theorem. I've never liked this theorem much; it's inelegant no matter how you state it. Turns out, though, that it's rather useful in certain types of application. Glad to know that it does serve some purpose in the world, so that part of MATH 301 wasn't torturing us in vain.

Modelling, this morning, has lost three people, leaving us with three guys and four girls. Dr Modelling has been bringing along various colleagues from the think-tank he works at, which helps the room feel a bit less empty. (No less cold or dark, though.) Occasionally his colleagues correct him during class. In his shoes I would find this extremely disconcerting, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Another disconcerting thing is that, come Tuesday lunchtime, my week is already half over. Last trimester it hadn't yet begun by Tuesday lunchtime!

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