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Monday, July 20, 2009

Diet coke, I'm on my knees

I need a power supply, preferably from a WD external hard drive. The connector should look like this:

And the power rating should be like this:

If you can sell me one, or tell me where I might get one, I'll be eternally grateful. My drive is fine - only the power supply has packed it in. I don't want to send back my non-defective drive and lose all my backups just for the sake of a new power supply.

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Anonymous said...

You could possibly buy a cheap enclosure just for the power supply. Check whether the supplies are compatible, but there seems a fair chance that they are.

Or you could be cheap and make an adapter for an old computer power supply; just buy an appropriate plug to solder on. That would be rather unwieldy though; it depends how portable you want to be.

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