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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Most of what I know

After a day of agonising in terror about collecting my marked Modelling essay, I finally picked it up to find that it got an A+. This was a shock. You may recall that I didn't much enjoy the process of writing this essay, so I assumed that Prof Modelling wouldn't much enjoy reading it, either. Well, maybe he didn't, but apparently he thought it was okay nonetheless.

The Prof questioned my use of the word "robustify", which gave me an odd sort of satisfaction - I was right to remove it from the other essay I wrote for this professor. He also questioned my word count. I'm not sure whether he means that he suspects I've broken the word limit, or that he'd wanted me to include an estimate of the word count. If the former, he was right, of course.

As for the grade, I can only quote myself: "I have a record of highly inaccurate estimations of the quality of my own essays."

As this essay was worth 25% of the course, I'm now on a high A (low A+, if you prefer) going into the exam, undoubtedly a good position to be in.

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