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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On his shoulder a Siamese cat

The Modelling essay I handed in today was my last university essay ever. Barring further study, of course :-P

It was neither the best nor the worst essay I've ever written. It sort of made the point I wanted it to make, and it was long enough. Beyond that I have a record of highly inaccurate estimations of the quality of my own essays.

The Modelling lecture today was the most interesting, and also the last presented by Prof Modelling (the final class next week will be presented by a guest lecturer). We're studying stuff so new that the definitive research on it is not published yet; our study is based around a draft copy obtained by Prof Modelling. It's a genuine draft, full of errors and omissions, and occasionally the class and the Prof are united in confusion over the meaning of a section. We've managed to develop a way of moving towards mutual consensus when this happens. It's been fun.

As I've also finished the Macro problem set, the only thing I have left to worry about this week is the Metrics problem set. I shouldn't be feeling so relaxed; it's due in 36 hours. But I haven't yet handed in a Metrics problem set on time this trimester, and I'd hate to disturb the universe by starting now.

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