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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The chosen few who will judge the many

Another article read and journaled. Another 1000 words written. I've done what's necessary for terms on the journal, but if I can do one more article by Friday then I'll get a round number of course marks for completion (there's one course mark per three articles, so I'm on 62/3). There are a maximum of 10 course marks to be got, but I'm far more interested in the essay right now. Even if I wasn't, I still wouldn't be able to read another seven articles by Friday.

Essay progress:

  • 1600 words
  • 55% of word count
  • Narrative section complete (including the Kelsey part)
  • Political section started
  • Outline consolidated by combining points 2/3, points 4/5, and points 6/7 into three sections rather than six
  • Contemplating whether to remove final section, given that I'm
    1. Meant to be looking at claims made, not results achieved
    2. Almost certainly going over the word limit

I'm learning an awful lot from this essay - not least that my country has some rather shocking things in its past that it's tried so hard to bury in these last 20 years. It's also enlightening to see how people communicated en masse before email. They wrote stuff on bits of paper and (I suspect) sent it down the phone lines!

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