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Monday, July 27, 2009

Your streets where all your money's earning

Awesome word for the day: supermodularity. It's almost as epic as it sounds, because it enables vital microeconomic analysis without having to use the implicit function theorem.

Worrying moment for the day: discovering that printer ink is a lot more expensive than I realised. Trying not to look too anxious while punching in my EFTPOS pin. Trying not to look too surprised when the transaction is accepted.

Places where I would rather not have spent the latter half of the day (but was forced to due to circumstances beyond my control): Victoria Street. Pipitea Campus. Parliament.


bk drinkwater said...

I honestly don't understand your dislike of the implicit function theorem. It's one of my favourites, not least because it does a whole lot of heavy lifting in the theory of differential equations.

Supermodularity is a pretty damn useful notion though. I will grant that much.

fibby said...

Maybe it's just that I've never seen it satisfactorily proven. My favourite theorems are always the ones with awesome proofs (Cayley's, Gauss-Markov, the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra).

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