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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do you take me for such a fool?

The sheer number of AC/DC fans yesterday took down both the Ticketek website and their call centre, but I got my tickets anyway, by the time-honoured method of walking to the ticket office and using my EFTPOS card. (Ticketek admit that the website issue was caused by too much traffic, but claim the phone problem was Telecom's fault. Yeah, right.)

It's a good thing I wasn't able to buy my first choice of tickets online...

... by the time I got to the ticket office in person, the Thursday show was sold out and the vastly more desirable Saturday show had been announced, so the glitch caused me to get better tickets than I would have if everything went smoothly.

Unlike the fans mentioned in the Dom Post article above, I did not get charged for the online transaction that failed, so I'm all good. Just broke.

In other news, I got a package from Ascent this morning!

Not what I asked for - I wanted a working power supply for my old drive - but a whole new drive is a nice surprise. I got out the new power supply from the box to see if it was compatible with my old drive, and immediately ran into two problems.

The small end is manifestly not compatible with the old drive. Darn, I thought, I'll have to borrow back the power supply I used for the diagnostics, and clone the contents of the old drive across to the new one. Oh well.

Then I noticed the other end of the power supply... manifestly not compatible with being in this country. And there were no adapters in the box, despite there being a set of instructions on how to change to a different adapter.

Ascent's response? "I believe New World Supermarkets have them very reasonable. Otherwise Farmers or Dick Smith?"

It's not my fucking job to go out and scour the town for a part which you failed to supply me with. It's your fucking job to get that part to me as soon as possible. Jesus, people.

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